Why I Created Follow The Signs

I learned how to follow the signs…


A love for travel has inspired me to write this blog to share rate you my stories and adventures from around the world. Everywhere you go while traveling, different signs make themselves apparent to you. Sometimes the signs are subtle, sometimes the signs are so bold the practically step right out, slap you in the face and scream “No you fool! Don’t do that!”. This blog is inspired from my personal realization of my ability to recognized the signs that present themselves to offer guidance to someone while on the road. Sign Stealers comes from the need to “steal” those subtle signs when they make themselves apparent, and heed any warnings, feelings of anxiety or discomfort. It pays homage to the power of intuition.

Growing up with my family we spent many a vacation traveling internationally which has instilled a love for travel in me. A childhood spent on the road, always finding fun new places and adventures started me out young with the travel bug.  This feeling of excitement has never gone away into my adult life.  After first traveling solo throughout Europe, I fell in love with the backpacker lifestyle.  The rush that comes from spending the night in new places, meeting new people and having a new adventure and new experiences lit a fire within me that will never stop burning.

a travel blog about listening to your intuition

Better than a journal – a travel blog!

I have had so many crazy you need fun weird wild and exciting experiences that I figured what better way to remember these experiences and starting a blog to share with the world.  While traveling I met so many people friends and family alike who said “you should keep a journal, you will want to remember all this in the future”.  To this I say, the future is now in this day and age our footprint can be made on the world by making digital recordings of our experiences, utilizing Facebook, Instagram and our own websites.

Things you will find on the site

On my blog you will find not only stories snippets and excerpts from my own experiences, but I will be interviewing fellow travelers, finding out the latest travel hints and tips to share with you, reviewing top destinations to put on your own bucket list.  I want to share my experiences so that others can become inspired to create experiences of their own while traveling the world alone or in a group.

Here you will find my top recommendations, favorite destinations from my own personal experience.  From the ruins of the Incas in South America, the Heights of the Andes mountains to the sea floor of the Caribbean, and the ancient castles of Hungary, I will be covering it all.  I hope my love for travel can be inspiring to everybody to go out and create their own adventure.

If you want to reach out for a chat, you can get a hold of me here.