Washington D.C. – The Capitol of the USA

Washington D.C. – A Capitol with Character Washington D.C. offers visitors a view into American politics and history, as well as American culture, architecture, and food. While there isn’t a sweeping skyline for travelers to take in, D.C. is unparalleled in what she offers. Being the seat of American politics, there is no shortage of stops for those interested in government. From the White House and the Eisenhower Building, to Congress, the National Library, and the Capitol Building, be sure to set aside a good day or two while visiting to soak up these sites. The great thing about D.C. is that almost everything is accessible free of charge. My favorite tour is in fact a walking one, starting at the White House and circling to the side, passing the beautiful Eisenhower Building and coming up on the Washington Monument. Constructed in the 19th century to honor the nation’s first Continue Reading