Sintra, Portugal Travel Guide

Sintra, Portugal Travel Guide I just wanted to share with you this great video about Sintra.  Sintra was one of first places that I visited on my solo Europe trip.  In the video Delia gives us a great overview of the local culture, history, architecture, and attractions near Sintra.  It was very inspiring and a little bit nostalgic for me to watch this video.  However, Delia does a great job as a virtual tour guide.  If you are planning a trip to Portugal, Sintra had better be on your list of destinations. Architecture of the castle. The video goes into great detail about this palace and it looks like it is from a fairy tale.  All types of different architectural styles are used within the palace.  With amazing colors ranging from yellow and red to pink and blue, a very apparent Moorish architectural design makes this palace so special.  The Continue Reading