How to Select a Proper Backpacking Stove

People who are enthusiastic hikers know the value of planning rightly for their trip. One of your primary concerns at the time of preparation should be to pick the camping equipment and gear correctly. Your luggage needs be a lightweight and so, it is very essential that you select a backpacking stove that is both portable and efficient. As I’ve learned from my friends who own an Fort Collins SEO company, your main objective will be to choose one such model that will meet all your needs. The choice of fuel must be based on the duration of your trip; for extended trips, you must always choose one where you are sure enough of the availability of fuel used in it. Things to keep in mind when choosing a backpacking stove When it comes to choosing a backpacking stove, you should consider is choosing a stove that actually satisfies your Continue Reading

Activities in Berlin

Historical Alexanderplatz and Fernsehturm TV tower- the most famous cities where in Germany.  This 368 meter high TV tower can be climbed for absolutely amazing views of the city.  Alexanderplatz is a massive square in the heart of Berlin and has the famous Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft fountain. Checkpoint Charlie is a famous point of the past border crossing from former East Berlin to West Berlin.  Here you can find a soldiers post and take pictures with the guard on duty.  You can find exhibits about the history of the Berlin wall at the museum.  Entrance fee for the museum is 13 Euro- don’t forget your student ID for a nice discount. Reichstag – The seat of the German Parliament is one of the most historic landmarks in Berlin.  It is free to climb the famous glass dome for a nice view of the city.  You can talk to locals and Continue Reading