How to find an SEO company for your travel blog

Finding a good search engine optimization and digital marketing company can ease all your worries and leave you free to concentrate on other matters. If the SEO company does its job well, which it should if you’ve chosen carefully, you’ll be able to check on the success rate of your site and watch it steadily rise. With increased numbers of visitors comes a higher volume of customers, so there will probably be plenty to keep you busy. So, how to find an SEO company? How do you go about in determining which SEO company is best? Below is factors will guide you on how to find the best SEO company.  1. Choose an SEO company with Experience and a Proven Track Record  You might find that a lot of people you talk to in the industry think they know a great deal about SEO. The fact is that it’s a Continue Reading

Washington D.C. – The Capitol of the USA

Washington D.C. – A Capitol with Character Washington D.C. offers visitors a view into American politics and history, as well as American culture, architecture, and food. While there isn’t a sweeping skyline for travelers to take in, D.C. is unparalleled in what she offers. Being the seat of American politics, there is no shortage of stops for those interested in government. From the White House and the Eisenhower Building, to Congress, the National Library, and the Capitol Building, be sure to set aside a good day or two while visiting to soak up these sites. The great thing about D.C. is that almost everything is accessible free of charge. My favorite tour is in fact a walking one, starting at the White House and circling to the side, passing the beautiful Eisenhower Building and coming up on the Washington Monument. Constructed in the 19th century to honor the nation’s first Continue Reading

Top 5 Beach Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. With 1,701 islands making up the entire archipelago, it is no secret that this country offers the tropical paradise many of us can only witness through postcards. Philippine beaches are popular for its white sand shores, dive sites, and giant waves. The overall appeal, however, is really coming from the fact that this equatorial country can keep sunny skies all year long. Whether you’re a surfer, someone chasing the summer, or a travel junkie visiting for sights in Asia, here is a list of beaches you might want to add to your bucket list.   1. La Union La Union, popularly known as LU or Elyu, is labeled the surfing capital of the North. It is located in the Ilocos region in the Island of Luzon. Surfers from all over the world would visit this tropical paradise to Continue Reading

Visiting Machu Picchu

Machu picchu is the famous Incan empire capital in the Andes of Peru.  The site is one of the most amazing places I have visited to date.  The architecture with stones is absolutely amazing and lives up to its name.  Not only that, but the location of the ancient city is stunning.  To get up to Machu Picchu from the valley floor below you can hike or take a bus.  If you are in shape I highly recommend hiking the 500m to the top of the plateau, it is difficult but totally worth it. Here are some tips and advise about how to get here, where to stay, and top activities from what I have learned after visiting Machu Picchu myself. Top Activites Although coming to see the ruins is the most popular reason for visiting, those who enjoy hiking can summit a couple of peaks overlooking the site as Continue Reading

Visiting Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey If you’re planning to visit Central America, then I am pleased to give you a hidden gem.  Although this special spot will not be hiding for long, Semuc Champey is truly a unique place to visit. Hidden in a lush mountainous jungle in Guatemala near the town of Lanquin, Semuc Champey is a 300 m long limestone formation with a river running underneath, and picturesque turquoise pools above.  While visiting Semuc Champey you can swim it in the pools, jumper off of waterfalls, explore a water cave using candles, tube down these river, and hike to the top of a mountain. The admission fee is 50Q ($7) This is definitely a place that you do buy yourself.  You do not need a tumor guide to take you here.  The locals are all very warm and welcoming, although be prepared to be hounded to buy a beer or some Continue Reading

Sintra, Portugal Travel Guide

Sintra, Portugal Travel Guide I just wanted to share with you this great video about Sintra.  Sintra was one of first places that I visited on my solo Europe trip.  In the video Delia gives us a great overview of the local culture, history, architecture, and attractions near Sintra.  It was very inspiring and a little bit nostalgic for me to watch this video.  However, Delia does a great job as a virtual tour guide.  If you are planning a trip to Portugal, Sintra had better be on your list of destinations. Architecture of the castle. The video goes into great detail about this palace and it looks like it is from a fairy tale.  All types of different architectural styles are used within the palace.  With amazing colors ranging from yellow and red to pink and blue, a very apparent Moorish architectural design makes this palace so special.  The Continue Reading