Activities in Berlin


Alexanderplatz and Fernsehturm TV tower- the most famous cities where in Germany.  This 368 meter high TV tower can be climbed for absolutely amazing views of the city.  Alexanderplatz is a massive square in the heart of Berlin and has the famous Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft fountain.

Checkpoint Charlie is a famous point of the past border crossing from former East Berlin to West Berlin.  Here you can find a soldiers post and take pictures with the guard on duty.  You can find exhibits about the history of the Berlin wall at the museum.  Entrance fee for the museum is 13 Euro- don’t forget your student ID for a nice discount.

Reichstag – The seat of the German Parliament is one of the most historic landmarks in Berlin.  It is free to climb the famous glass dome for a nice view of the city.  You can talk to locals and tour guides to get an overview of the history and stories that come out of this famous building.  Make sure to remember to bring it your passport to get in.

To get a view of how life was in communist East Berlin visit the GDR museum.  Within the museum various aspects of daily life that we all enjoy so much can be observed from that’s time period.  If you have ever been interested in how life was in a communist country in the 1950s this museum is for you.

Visiting the holocaust memorial is an absolute must for anyone visiting Berlin.


When nighttime rolls around make sure to get out and immerse in one of the most vibrant music scenes in all of Europe.  DJs bands and musicians of all types and genres can be found in Berlin.  You can spend the night dancing away to underground house djs, or sit relaxing at an outdoor venue listening to jazz or even salsa music.

Berlin is a wonderful city to explore by renting it a bicycle.  You can rent a bike for 30 to 50 euros for the day.  You can take yourself on a self-guided tour or hire a tour guide but the latter will be a bit more expensive.  This is a great way to immerse in historical, foody, and cultural scenes of the city.

Treptower park in East Berlin is located near an abandoned amusement park.  Here you can cruise around the river, partake in some beer drinking, and spend a nice day and just relaxing in the park.  Can also rent a boat or canoe to it out on the water for fumbling bit different.

Finally the Deutsches Historisches Museum, the German historical museum, covers an all-encompassing history of Germany up to present day.  If you ever had any wonder about a culture or history of Germany, your question that can be answered here.  Be careful the museum takes around three or 4 hours to see in all its entirety.  Admission cost is 8 euros.

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