Hi! I’m Davis, and welcome to follow the signs- my travel blog.

Here I will be sharing my favorite things that relate to travel. I will be giving insight into travel tips and tricks, travel destinations, gear, festivals, attractions, dive sites, activities, and adventures! A passion for travel has pushed me to decide to finally start a blog of my own. I want to share not only my own personal experiences from countries and places I have visited, but will be reviewing ideas for upcoming trips, future destinations, and how you too can get started traveling! Remember, you must always follow the signs that appear to guide your way while traveling!

The signs I stole to follow my dreams

A love for backpacking grew from a first trip around Europe. Like many other young backpackers, I started traveling throughout France, Spain, the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium. During this first trip I fell in love with the backpacker lifestyle. The constant excitement of showing up in a new place, not knowing anyone and without a care in the world is exhilarating. Making new friends, sightseeing all day, then partying all night is the backpacker lifestyle.

After this first trip, I fell so much in love with the lifestyle I have made it my life goal to continue to travel as much as possible. I want to share my experiences, thoughts, and plans for the future, and hope that you get value from my site!

Thanks for visiting.