Monday, 25 November 2013

Hey Everyone been busy with Christmas coming up working on the Australian site.

Hey everyone, been a bit hectic and busy, especially with Christmas coming up the website has been taking up a lot of time and we've been trying to get money saving tips to help you spend less at Christmas, the money saving tips forum can be found here: - Even though I've been a bit on the busy side we do have to take breaks!

I've really been getting into musical comedies by the guys AV Byte, they do a great video on Procrastinating!  makes me laugh!

I've been posting them on: but you can see their youtube channel here: Their style is brilliant refreshing and great fun.

I hope that in 2014 there'll be more comedy and I'll be back sharing it with the world, either on Sign Stealers or MundoFundo.

If I don't get a new update before Christmas I hope you have a great one and it's made a bit cheaper with the money saving tips, and that New Years is mega awesome with great parties and cheap rum!  Pretend you're a pirate, drink enough rum and every day can be talk like a pirate day!

Feel free to drop me a note about funny videos you see, sadly work's been keeping me so busy I don't get to see a lot!


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Gorilla mum doesn't like the kids!

I bet there was a sign that said "please don't let your kids hit the glass" yet it was the gorilla that was smarter than the parent! Gorilla doesn't like kids!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Been So Busy of late.

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been hectic with carpal tunnel syndrome, moving house, then moving again, torn ankle tendons, more torn ankle tendons and setting up a few new websites, I know you've all seen the UK Saver Scene, but now there's one for Australia too oyu can find it at Saver Scene Australia. I also started doing work on a domain I've not used for ages The Rummy, it has a fair bit of comedy and fun on it too. I hope to have Sign Stealers and Mundo Fundo back up and running in the near future, for now check out the comedy clips People of Walmart and The Tiny Bike. Hope they bring a smile to your face and once I'm back on my feet I'll be doing more comedy and more money saving tips. Thanks for your patience, Regards Gav.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Angry people, David Letterman - John Isner, Victoria Wood

If you've got a bit of time this website is well worth a look: Angry people in local newspapers, so much anger at such small issues!

I love my tennis and the match between Nicolas Mahut & John Isner was erm amazing I guess is the right word. Good to see Isner on Letterman: David Letterman thoughts that went through John Isner's mind during the 11 hour tennis match

huge fan of Victoria Wood so always like to list her clips when I can: Victoria Wood - Fatties With Attitude!

Friday, 11 June 2010

the week in comedy

hey everyone, sorry not been posting much, but feather from mundofundo has been having a break and I've been working hard on Saver Scene - UK money saving forum and maybe watching Springwatch a little too closely and trying to work out the Chris Packham, Springwatch, Cure song titles in each episode, loving springwatch as ever! Now the comedy links for the past week or so:

Barenaked Ladies - The Big Band Theory Theme Song -I get to see these guys perform in Newcastle, the English one, in September, can't wait!
Marcus Brigstoke - Stand Up on Radio 4 - Religion
Dara O' Briain - Homeopathy vs Medicine
Escaping Dog
Graham Norton - Ladies' Loo
Russell Howard's Good News - Daily Mail Cancer Song
Frank Skinner's Opinionated - Driving
Russell Howard's Good News - Fines and Excuses
Kyle Jumps

if you have any comedy hit me up in the comments section or come over to the Chat Scene @ Saver Scene and post it up there, always love suggestions. regards gav.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Bill Bailey - Emo song, and other great comedy moments for a great goth!

I thought we'd have a little emo today to mourn Type-O-Negative's lead singer Peter Steele, of course he was more goth, but I figured we'd lighten things up with Bill Bailey:

Bill Bailey - Emo Song

other Bill Baily clips
Have I Got News For You - Chips
QI - How many moons does the Earth have?
QI - Could Jesus Walk on Custard?

sorry to see Peter Steele go, one of the finest singers!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Some fantastic music videos, the Home Taping is Killing Music is a must see!

Today I thought we could check out a few of the Music Videos over on MundoFundo, but before we do that you have to see a newly updated sign site: SignSpotting it's brilliant, lots of great fun signs. Now onto the comedy vids and music:

This first one is a must see: Home Taping is Killing Music, it was put together by internet service provider (ISP) about the whole downloading illegally. I hate the whole argument that downloading is killing the music industry, whenever I see a new band listed for a gig near me I download a few of their songs; If I like them I go to the gig, if I don't like them they get deleted, if I really like them I try to buy their CD at the gig. I'm spending more on music now at 31 than I was at 17, but it's more gigs than CDs so giving the band cash rather than to the record executives. The record labels may end up being owned by more bands that make their money from touring. Be better for music, as we won't be force-fed crap the record labels think we should buy.

Katy Brand - Single Ladies for Sports Relief
Sam and Mark - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go for Sports Relief
Shappi Khorsandi - Hey Mickey for Sports Relief
Boxers - Bad Guys for Sports Relief
Debra Stephenson - Smooth Criminal for Sports Relief
Morecambe and Wise - Breakfast -a classic!
Riverdance Massage -erm!?
Charlie Brooker and Weird Al Yankovic - I Can't Watch This - Charlie Brooker is an absoulte legend!